Flight planning for X-Plane made easier!

XPFlightplanner is a simple application for generating flightplans that can be natively used with X-Plane. Airports, points and routes are extracted from the X-Plane world database. An automatic route finder let you create new flightplans from an airport to another in a few seconds! Flightplans can be printed to beautiful and high quality forms.

Flight plan generator

With the route generator choose departure, arrival and the plane you want to fly... XPFlightPlanner generates the best route and chooses an appropriate profile for your flight.

World database

XPFlightPlanner extracts the information from the X-Plane world database. Navigation points (FIX, VOR, NDB...), routes, airports, runways... are displayed into the embedded map.

Native to X-Plane

XPFlightPlanner is 100% compatible with X-Plane. It uses the X-Plane native "*.fms" format for the flightplans. Use the LD (load) button on the FMS to load a file.

Try it!

You can try XPFlightPlanner for free as long as you want. Until the application is registered it is limited to save or load five waypoints.


If you like it, buy it! ;-)

Purchase XPFlightPlanner for a few $ or € and receive a serial number to unlock the app. It will encourage me to add new features!